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  AC Energy Meter            

Single Phase and Three phases AC Energy Meter is used for measuring the single and three phase AC active energy. It adopts the high quantity long life time components and SMT manufacturing craft, and is reliable in performance. It calculates the electrical parameters and sends the periodic as well as customized alarm data.

 Key Features:

Through IR Optical port, Opto Isolated serial port RS 485 (2 Wire)/ RS 232
Protocol : Modbus 16 BIT RTU / DLMS (IEC 62056)


Sub metering applications.

  Tamper & Fraud Detection Features :

Meter detects and records the missing neutral, Voltage Current unbalance, Current reversal and Phase sequence reversal.
Detect peak voltage and current.

  Power Failure Records:

Total power ON time since the installation Power failure record for last 10 events

 Technical Specifications:

Electrical Specifications:
Reference Voltage : 240 V AC
Operating Range : 144-288 V AC
Ib : 10 A
I Max : 60A (shall be sensed from three separate sources)
Accuracy : Class of accuracy 1.0
Resolution : As described in display mode document
Number of digits : As described in display mode document
Operating principal : Microcontroller Based
Operating temperature : -10˚C to + 60˚C.
Storage temperature : - 20˚C to + 70˚C.
Humidity : Up to 95 % RH.
Insulation resistance : >20M? @ 500 V AC
Dielectric test : 2KV RMS for 1 Minute
Auxiliary Supply : Self powered
Communication port : Isolated RS 485
Protocol : Compatible with Indus protocol
Storage : Daily KWH consumption of last 50 days
Data Retrieval : Stored data can be retrieved via isolated RS 485 port
Data Retention : Energy values retained during power fail condition and meter resumes the energy count from the saved values after the power resumes.
Reverse polarity Protection : Meter will withstand even when the supply voltage is connected in reverse.
Size : 96X96X110 mm
Mounting Arrangement : Wall mountable (Bracket available)

Front Panel Description:
Display : 8 Digit 7 Segment LCD Display, 16X2 characters Display
Display Color : Yellow
Key Board : ESC, UP, DOWN, MENU
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