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 Pre-Sales Service :

* Electrical testing to industry and O.E.M. standards.
* Inspections.

  Post-Sales Service :

Generator Services are part checks, and annual maintenance.

 A. Part Checks :

Part Checks are performed to ensure that generator parts and liquid reservoirs are prepared for a power outage. For regularly maintained generators, these checks are a relatively small expense.

They consist of the following services.
* Output voltage tests at the transfer switch to see if the generator functions properly.
* Transfer switch test to ensure switch functions properly.
* Testing the level, pressure, and condition of generator motor oil.
* Testing the level and condition of generator coolant.
* Testing generator cooling circuit temperature at various locations.
* Testing the function and temperature of the block heater.
* Testing the pump, belts, and other basic equipment.
* Testing Indicator lights on the generator and transfer switch.
* Testing Panel gauges on the generator and transfer switch.
* Testing the condition of the battery, battery cables and charger.
* Testing for fluid leaks.
* Fuel level test.

B. Annual Maintenance :

* Motor oil replacement.
* Replacement of used Oil Filters.
* Replacement of used Fuel Filters.
* Replacement of used Coolant Filters.
* Replacement of Old Air Filters.
* Re-oiling of Oil Bath Air Filters.
* Replacements of Transfer Switch Battery.
* Addition of fuel additive to preserve Fuel Quality.
* Addition of Coolant Additive to maintain Coolant Circuits.

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