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   DC Energy Meter           

 Energy Meter is a device to measure electrical energy consumption and other critical electrical parameters.

“INTELUX" DC Energy Meter is designed to calculate DC energies in a Telecom Base Station. It senses the DC Voltage and Current of the base station and calculates the Energies. It has the unique feature of measuring charging and discharging current.

In the era of energy saving and soaring power cost our microcontroller based Integrated Digital Meter measure and monitor multiple parameters on DC applications with precision and reliability.


* DC Power and Energy Measurement.
* Charging and Discharging Indication.
* 4 Current and 1 Voltage Channel.
* Bi- directional Current Measurement.
* Easy Calibration Method.
* MODBUS RS-485 Interface.
* Powered with a 32 bit micro-controller. This measures the DC Voltages, Currents with the help of a 24 bit ADC Controller.
* MODBUS protocol has been incorporated for communication.
* Accuracy of < 0.5% FSR.
* Onsite and Offsite calibration features are provided to maintain real-time accuracy.
* Memory for storing KW & KWH readings of the last two months.
* Packed in a universal 96mmX96mm Aluminum Box with IP. 21 It also has an inbuilt RTC (Real Time Clock).
* Prot* Protection can be mounted on the panel with the help of door mounting clamps.

 DC Energy Meter Specification :

Meter Type : CT type/Shunt type
Self Powered operating voltage range : 20-60Vdc
Voltage range : 0 - 64 volts
Current range of each channel : 0-100A
No. of Voltage Channels : 1/2
No. of Current Channels : 4/8
Power Supply : Isolated Power supply
LCD Display : 16X2 Characters LCD.
Keypad : ESC, UP, DOWN & MENU.
Accuracy : 0.5% FSR
Mounting : 96X96mm wall/panel mounting
Communication : ISO RS-485, 3Wire, Galvanic
Protocol : Modbus RTU/ASCII
Baud Rate : 9600


* BTS Power Plant.
* Solar Panel to Keep the Records of Power Delivered over 24 Hrs.
* Power generation Station.
* Monitoring Battery Charging and Discharging Time.

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