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   DC Diesel Generator           

“INTELUX" is meeting the challenges in the Telecommunications industry by providing new and comprehensive solutions to electrical power, environmental control, and shelter configurations.

“INTELUX" has developed a DC Generator system that meets requirements for increased reliability, reduced maintenance and fuel efficiency.

Key Features

* DC Generators can limit output Current.
* Understands the battery charging characteristics.
* Engine size can be matched to load.
* Engine Speed is 2000 & 2500 RPM (most efficient on curve).
* Generates Power at 48 Volts DC (Normal BTS Voltage).
* Eliminates losses from the BTS Rectifiers (Typically 20%).
* Reduces cooling demand to Air Conditioning or Fans for additional efficiency.
* With Battery Storage Engine runs 5–10 Hours / Day instead of 24 Hours.
* Fuel Consumption reduced by 50-80%.
* Service interval @ 500 Hours. * Engine Oil Consumption @ 3 Liters / 500 Hours instead of 10.5 Liters for 20KVA.
* Service interval 7–12 Weeks instead of 3 Weeks

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