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Fuel Level Sensor (Capacitive/Ultrasonic)           

Fuel Sensors, by “INTELUX", are designed to reduce pilferage / improve fuel efficiency by its Level Monitoring and Measurement.

In the world of cut- throat market competition, every day reducing profit margins, “INTELUX" Fuel Level Sensors are big boon to industry for the Monitoring of fuel consumption, and its pattern.

Our sensors have high end facilities like Data Logs, DG Alarms, DG RPM, and DG Run Hour etc. GSM / GPRS connectivity make them even more unique and user friendly.

Precision Measurements are done.


* Liquid / Fuel quantity measurement in liters.
* No impact because of liquid temperature, density variation.
* Up to 0.5 liters accuracy in level measurement.
* Data logs with time and date stamp.
* Last 45 day data and 3000 log alarms / parameters, data packets retrieval.
* RS 485 Interface with MODBUS communication protocol.
* GSM / GPRS Communication.
* Measurement of the rate of fuel consumption.
* Tamper proof design.
* Easy to install at existing sites.
* DOTA for program updates.

  Additional Features

* DG RPM measurement.
* DG canopy temperature measurement.
* Tamper proof DG run Hour Meter.
* Built-in DG safety features like HCT, LLOP.


* Diesel Generator.
* Automobile fuel monitoring and measurement.
* Water level measurement.
* Chemical industries.

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