Transformer | Inverter| Static Switch


The static inverters are intended for supplying AC power to operate different type of equipments associated with Electronic Exchanges, Transmission equipments such as computer based interface equipments etc., used in the Indian telecom network for full safety of highly sophisticated equipment.


* The design will incorporate inverter circuits using transistorized / MOSFET / IGBT technology based on the load capacity.
* The efficiency is > 85%(typically).
* Compact size.
* Static bypass switch for automatic transfer to raw AC mains (optional).
* Reverse polarity protection with low power loss.
* De-Sat sensing to reduce the MOSFET / IGBT failures.


* Possibility of remote control ON / OFF.
* Power supply fault detection, isolation of the inverter and generating a signal.
* Protective arrangement if the powers supply bias is reversed.
* On-load switch/circuit breaker.
* Fuses and protection against overload and short circuit.
* Circuits like pulse generator, regulator power stage, gating pulse generator, input filter control,  alarm and supervisory circuits.

In the event of inverter failure it shall be possible to transfer the load to AC commercial / SB   mains and back to inverter on its restoration by means of transfer switch manually.

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