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today has one of the largest manufacturing facilities for Electronic Ballasts in India. In a short span of a decade since its inception; "INTELUX" today is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance Electronic Ballasts.

Main Features

* Accepts wide range of input voltage(AC)

* Input power factor correction

* Longer Lamp Life

* Power saving and constant light output.

* Ballasts for different type of lamps like CFL, Fluorescent (T5, T8), Halogen, LED inputs.

Product Range

PPFC (30%) And PPFC (10%)

In order to overcome disadvantages of low power factor in the Simple Inverter Ballasts, Passive Power Factor Corrected (PPFC) Ballast was developed. The PPFC ballast consists of an additional circuit for power factor correction called as Valley Fill Circuit (VFC) or Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuit.

APFC (10%)

The Lamp performance and life are determined solely by the reliability and efficiency parameters of Electronic Ballasts.

The "INTELUX" APFC (Active Power Factor Correction) Electronic Ballast helps to produce constant light output as it eliminates flickering, and the stroboscopic effect.

Ultraviolet Ballast

"INTELUX" has a prominent presence in the ultraviolet lamp segment. Water purification and tissue culture labs are the two specialized major applications.


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