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  PMS Installation & Commissioning

Trained service teams are placed for installation & commissioning of PMS. Site teams draw support from the central team & databases, located at the HQ in Pune. Currently over 250 trained engineers are operating out of the 23 Circles pan-India.

  Installation & Commissioning activities ensure:

Re-check material verification at ware-house as per the check list.

Shifting of the material to site.

Laying & connecting of power / control cables as per the site drawings, and integration with the generator, air-conditioner and the power source.

PMS alarms integration with BTS.

Power-on the PMS and verify the auto-mains functionality, and generate alarms as per check list.

  Operation & Maintenance Support Services:

"INTELUX" support services deliver solutions with integrated technical support teams, customer support associates, and highly trained field service engineers.

  The support infrastructure is:

* Dedicated teams placed in every circle.
* To cover the geography of the circle, 4-6 locations are identified for placement of teams.
* 24/7 service supported by central team in Pune to swiftly rectify faults as per agreed SLA.
* Routine preventive maintenance activity at pre-defined intervals, with generation of lobs.
* Teams are equipped with necessary tools & spares.
* Certified engineers deliver 24/7 support including on-site corrective & preventive maintenance.
* For special / critical problems, support is rushed from the R&D team to the site, if necessary with tailor-made solutions.

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