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   Static Switch       

The Automatic Static Switch product line is a micro-controller driven state - of - art switch between the AC mains and the inverter to provide uninterruptible AC power. After an extremely quick detection of mains fault, the static switch transfers the load almost without cut off to the redundant AC line.

A communication and synchronization bus is responsible for the system performance and the Inverters are synchronized to the public AC mains.

Super Fast (1/4 cycle) SCR Based Static Transfer Switch for high availability mission.

Critical transfers for all phase angle differences between sources.


* ON LINE or OFF LINE mode selection.
* High performance AC line quality monitoring.
* Quick detection of AC faults.
* Configurable switching criteria.
* Load transfer up to 20 KVA.
* Synchronization of the UPS and Mains.
* Convection cooled.
* Compact and light.
* Power connectors on the bottom with circuit breakers.


* Critical Data Centers
* Telecommunications Sites
* Air Traffic Control Sites
* Petrochemical Plants
* Semiconductor Fab Plants Controls
* Critical Industrial Controls

  Technical Specifications:

Operation Voltage/frequency : 230+/- 30% Single Phase, 2 Wire, 50-60Hz
Current Rating : 0-100A
Sensing time : 2 ms
Auto transfer : 4 ms (or less)
Reacquisition : 3 cycles
User-defined transfer angle : max 180
Temperature : 0-40C (operating), 0-80C (storage)
Audible noise : <65 dBA (6 ft.)
Overload capability : 125% (30 min.), 150% (1 min.), 1000 % (3 cycles)
LED's : Mains
DG Source
Load on Mains
Load on DG
Circuit breakers : Mains
Termination : Common Neutral to load and source
Transfer logic : Load on Mains if present (voltage range 150 to 275Vac)
Load on DG if present (voltage range 150 to 275Vac and Mains absent)
Load on Mains/DG respectively only if these sources are present (voltage range 150 to 275Vac)
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