AMF Panel

General Details

AMF Panel with custom built features, can manage and control the power requirements at the existing un-manned Telecom Towers. Provide a single point control Er monitoring facility for Single Phase and Three Phase generators as well as two DG configuration. It also controls Er monitors the generator performance. With the input mains supply failure; the unit automatically switches ON the diesel generator unit and transfers the load based on DC power plant battery voltage status and shelter temperature. AMF Panel built with operation logic where the user can set generator ON / OFF time (maximum). Along with the power management function, it also monitors the auxiliary functions such as door open, fire/smoke, AC fail, DG door open etc. It also extends the DG and mains status alarms to Base Transmission System (BTS) with potential contacts.
The unit has the following inbuilt controlling units to perform the operation.
1. AMF (Auto Mains failure)
2.Fire Alarm System (FAS)
3.Temperature sensing & battery voltage sensing
4. PFC card for potential free contacts

Technical Info
CapacityThe system is suitable for 10KVA,15 KVA, 25KVA,30 KVA, 40KVA, 63KVA, 82.5KVA
Control logicControl logic should work on 3 phase input. During the absence of mains i.e. all phases are Unhealthy/fail, it switches OFF the mains and runs the DG as per the DG logic if controller selection is 3P-3P, all the three phases should be healthy.
Voltage rangeVoltage range: 160V – 285V ( Phase to Neutral)
IP protectionIP 55 for outdoor application
TimeReal-time Er Date programmable
Event togsLast 500 events
Voltage protection at incoming power input1) 3PH-3PH
A)High Voltage Disconnect (HVD) 493V
B) Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) 277V
2) P-N is selected
A) High Voltage Disconnect (HVD) 285V
B)Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) 165V
Protection on Er DG2 in manual modeProvided – when the AMF is selected in manual mode the DG safety Dg1 should work.
Potential Free Dry ContactsAlarms can be extended to NOC / TOC through changeover contact ( both ‘NO’, ‘NC’ )
  • Telecom Sites ( Non EB sites)